Goodbye 2012


Hello 2013!!! OK. How has my 2012 year been?
My answer is: ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈


I was on 21 air planes, 4 ferries and several hours long train/coach rides.
My 2012 was spent in 10 different countries and 16 different cities..
I don’t think it was very healthy for a 19-turning-20 year old full time university student lol.


  • January: Singapore, Melbourne
  • February: Melbourne, Singapore
  • March: Singapore, Melbourne
  • April: Melbourne
  • May: Melbourne
  • June: Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hang Zhou
  • July: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Melbourne
  • August: Melbourne, Mt Buller, Singapore
  • September: Singapore, Seoul, Melbourne
  • October: Melbourne
  • November: Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, New York, New Haven, Boston, Washington D.C.
  • December: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia


2012 was still awesome even though I found it really hard to keep in touch with all my friends. The way I started my 2012 and the way I ended my 2012 were drastically different but all in all life has been good to me. Made some new friends, kept most old friends, lost a few friends. Fell out of love, tried to love, gave up on love & unknowingly fell in love. I guess such stuff are pretty inevitable & it’s all part and parcel of life. In the past I’d have taken it really hard but everything seem so much easier now… Needless to say, I’ve changed a lot too. For the better in some aspects and for the worse in other aspects. I made many mistakes this year which I do regret but I’m only human. I’m still constantly learning and trying to be a better person. May 2013 be filled with endless happiness and safe travels for me, for you and for everyone 🙂


Anyway I’m too lazy to recap on my trips so let me just continue posting pictures of the last few days of 2012 taken in Singapore… Visited 2 am dessert bar (I used to work there). The new dessert Shades of Brown was… Really… Horrible (to me & Ash). First timers should just always order the h20 chocolate dessert cuz that’s the best in my opinion. My favourite liqueur there are: Yuzu Cocktail and Elderflower Cider. I love sweet alcoholic beverages haha.


Call me a noob but it was my first time visiting Rochester Mall & The Star Vista at Buona Vista. I was so damn excited because it’s just right beside ACJC. Man, how I wish those malls were open 2 years ago… School life would have been a lot better with so many food options!

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Been watching a lot of cartoon movies lately. I love animated films. Hotel Transylvania, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck it Ralph ALL made my day!!! Hahaha I think everyone hates watching movies with me because I can’t stop asking questions and commenting and laughing hysterically.

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The Melbourne girls met up for Charmaine’s 21st birthday. Abby, Sha & I all got her gifts from Sephora and we were all having a panic attack “pls don’t tell me you bought the same gift as I did!!!” hahaha but thankfully what we feared didn’t happen. We ate at Orchard Central’s Korean restaurant at LVL 7 called Sarang or something and GEEZ I seriously thought it was overpriced because the food portions were SO SMALL!?! Ash was still a hungry beast as usual so we went to Dean & Deluca for dinner round II. He is a monster I swear. HE EATS SO MUCH.

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Shi Yu’s flight was delayed so when she arrived, we pretended that it was still 2012 and celebrated NYE. Shyan’s roof top is SO NICE, it’s waaay nicer than my roof top. Hahaha. While we were chatting away my mom texted me to say she could hear us talking lololol how awkward.



I think when you’ve been let down countless of times by the same person, unpleasant flashbacks and feelings are automatically triggered whenever he disappoints you. Unfortunately, the effects are ten fold and drives you nuts. You don’t know how to handle this frustration because he has promised countless of times to never hurt you, yet you end up crying all the time. It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? And for some reason you’re always at fault… When you’re not. Someone save me.


“What should I do about the wild & the tame?
The wild heart that wants to be free…
And the tame heart that wants to come home.”

– Jeanette Winterson


Ashley tried to be lighten the mood and instagrammed my injured hand at the hospital hahaha

Shortly after posting my happy blog post yesterday, I went to shower and in the midst of drying my hair… I got electrocuted and/or an electrical burn. It happened so quickly that it’s kind of hard to actually describe what happened. So basically I suddenly felt pain, I saw sparks, I smelled burn and I just gathered all the strength I had to fling the hairdryer away. It happened within a split second or so but the pain was unbearable. The side of my palm came into contact with an exposed wire and that part turned BLACK. Ashley & Reece made me place my wound onto an ice cream box as we rushed to the hospital. Throughout the journey, Ashley kept joking on how I’d wasted an ice cream tub. The nurse pasted stickers all over me and then wires to measure my heart rate. I instantly developed a fear for wires. After being “zapped” it was not a nice feeling seeing more than 10 wires attached to your body. Thankfully, I was fine. I cringed in pain for about an hour while waiting impatiently for the doctor to see me. During that hour, several drunkards were admitted to the hospital – from drug overdose and alcohol poisoning. They had their eyeliner smudged all over and they were really cranky… Good distraction from the burning sensation on my hand. Finally the doctor called me and I made a mini dash to him. He told me to calm down and not to run lol I have this really bad habit of running when I’m too eager… So the doctor said I was “deep fried” and gave me 4 pills which he added on, “You will sleep like a baby”. Unfortunately Ashley lost the house keys so it took awhile before we could finally get home… To be honest I’m kinda upset that I now have 3 scars (all from burns) on my left hand. I hate it when people mistake them for self slash marks 😦 But I always tell myself to remain optimistic. At least it’s on my hand, not on my face and most importantly, I’m alive~


I think this might be the last time I’m clubbing. I don’t know why I used to love it so much. Friends who know me would know that I used to club every single possible week in Singapore. It strangely became a commitment; I’d be there at least once a week no matter how tired I was. Sleep and solo-time didn’t exist then. Perhaps it was a form of escapism for I was terribly afraid of loneliness. I secretly fell in love with the idea of being so busy. I had my days & weeks planned ahead. Friends used to joke that they had to book a month in advance just to have a meal with me. They weren’t exaggerating. I could meet up with 6 different groups of friends in a day even though I had no sleep. Basically I never had the time to do anything or even think. I was never home. The only meal I ever had at home was probably during Chinese New Year. Looking back now, I now realize how uncool that was. I thought I was independent – but no I wasn’t. All along I was constantly escaping from everything. I admit I sought happiness from all the wrong places. I never spent quality time with myself, with my family, with my ex lover or with my best friend. Because I was so busy. But I also have to admit that I had my fun. I had a hell lot of fun. But people change and people can’t be young forever. It’s time to bid goodbye to those nights that I don’t enjoy anymore. I wouldn’t say that those nights were wasted because I gained valuable friendships – friends that are there for me till this very day 🙂 Well I’m not going to abstain from clubbing completely but let’s just say that I’d rather invest my time sleeping, waking up for brunch w/o hangovers & spend my money on traveling instead. Studying overseas indeed changed my life forever. I am finally able to spend time with myself, do all the things I’d always wanted to do such as baking and cooking… And sleeping. Hahaha.


I do like reading but I have never read the great classics nor have I read the latest popular books. I am not into Shakespeare nor have I read Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, 95% of the time, I am clueless on what the famous novels are and who the renowned authors are. I simply pick a book, read its forewords and decide whether or not I like it and viola! I don’t know why people are horrified when they start naming the best selling books and I’m like “good for you, I’ve no idea”. Some are also shocked that I’m reading books that ought to be classified under unknown. I don’t get it. Seriously, does it matter? When did reading even become a showy hobby… Sigh.


What I did today: Pilates, 1 hr catch up with Jennifer over coffee, fine dining dinner with Ashley (our 4th official month today) and re-read media ethics lecture 7 notes for the THIRD time. I just can’t fully understand the never ending arguments on how a truth is not necessarily the truth and blah blah blah. 20 pages of it. Oh, we also watched an entertaining street performance where the performer randomly selected me to… Throw daggers at him. I was really scared.

On a side note, I would be returning to Singapore really soon and oh my god you know I haven’t even been to Gardens by the Bay!? Ashley would be in Singapore for quite awhile too. I can’t wait to visit that place with him, especially when he’s such a fan of architectural buildings.

I travel quite a lot and have been to quite a lot of places but… The world is so big and there are still so many amazing places that I haven’t been to but dying to go to such as Santorini, Greece:

As well as Clinque Terre, Italy (below). All these pictures do not belong to me. I found them on the internet. I’ve been to only 2 cities of Italy and there are a tota of 149 cities in Italy! Wow.

Staying in Igloos and watching the Aurora in Finland, are two top activities of my bucket list.

I would also like to visit the tranquil haven aka Maldive Islands – the perfect place to escape to.

Some exciting news to share: I’d be going to New York & Boston next month with my sisters!

Ashley and I are also planning to go to Malaysia (Johor, Kuala Lumpur) and Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya). I’ve been to all 4 places but it’s always exciting to revisit travel destinations. We are especially excited to check out Legoland. Holy shit. No way… I just realized how ridiculous it is that all the times I visited Malaysia, I never once checked out the Petrona Twin Towers?!?

It’s been ages since I last visited Bangkok. I really want to visit Sky Bar at The Dome. So pretty!

I’m sorry… That’s enough rambling about my travel plans and desired holiday destinations 😛

Orange Black Tea Cupcakes

Today I decided to take a break from school work & tried baking orange black tea cupcakes – an inspiration from orange black tea chatime bubble tea. Please do not laugh at my obsession with bubble tea. Unfortunately no such Orange Black Tea Cupcakes online recipes exist. I decided to combine individual recipes for black tea cupcakes and orange cream cheese frosting. However, I ended up tweaking the recipes by 80%. I misread instructions, made mistakes in my measurements, replaced ingredients and added in redundant stuff. To be honest, I don’t like following recipes so you could say most of the “mistakes” were actually intentional. They turned out tasting really healthy… Well they are! Considering how wholemeal flour and brown sugar were used instead. I’m not too sure if I should have compromised the amount of sugar in a pathetic attempt to ensure a decrease in my calorie intake. Perhaps I should just indulge in chocolate and whatnot since I can’t seem to ever get rid of my flabby stomach & chubby cheeks.