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I’m finally back in Singapore (after spending 10 days in Thailand), with a massive pimple on my nose, a bad tan, an intoxicated liver, a queasy stomach and countless of mosquito bites. It’s by far the craziest vacation I ever had… I guess that’s what happen when ten teens go on a holiday together. It’s barely even 2 weeks into the new year and I’ve already visited 7 different clubs – what a way to start 2013. To tell you the truth, things haven’t been exactly going well for me but I’m alright. I’m planning to stay in for the entire week to detox and hopefully do some self reflection. Anyway, here are some instagram pics taken in Thailand.. Ain’t Thailand pretty?!












Goodbye 2012


Hello 2013!!! OK. How has my 2012 year been?
My answer is: ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈


I was on 21 air planes, 4 ferries and several hours long train/coach rides.
My 2012 was spent in 10 different countries and 16 different cities..
I don’t think it was very healthy for a 19-turning-20 year old full time university student lol.


  • January: Singapore, Melbourne
  • February: Melbourne, Singapore
  • March: Singapore, Melbourne
  • April: Melbourne
  • May: Melbourne
  • June: Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hang Zhou
  • July: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Melbourne
  • August: Melbourne, Mt Buller, Singapore
  • September: Singapore, Seoul, Melbourne
  • October: Melbourne
  • November: Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, New York, New Haven, Boston, Washington D.C.
  • December: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia


2012 was still awesome even though I found it really hard to keep in touch with all my friends. The way I started my 2012 and the way I ended my 2012 were drastically different but all in all life has been good to me. Made some new friends, kept most old friends, lost a few friends. Fell out of love, tried to love, gave up on love & unknowingly fell in love. I guess such stuff are pretty inevitable & it’s all part and parcel of life. In the past I’d have taken it really hard but everything seem so much easier now… Needless to say, I’ve changed a lot too. For the better in some aspects and for the worse in other aspects. I made many mistakes this year which I do regret but I’m only human. I’m still constantly learning and trying to be a better person. May 2013 be filled with endless happiness and safe travels for me, for you and for everyone 🙂


Anyway I’m too lazy to recap on my trips so let me just continue posting pictures of the last few days of 2012 taken in Singapore… Visited 2 am dessert bar (I used to work there). The new dessert Shades of Brown was… Really… Horrible (to me & Ash). First timers should just always order the h20 chocolate dessert cuz that’s the best in my opinion. My favourite liqueur there are: Yuzu Cocktail and Elderflower Cider. I love sweet alcoholic beverages haha.


Call me a noob but it was my first time visiting Rochester Mall & The Star Vista at Buona Vista. I was so damn excited because it’s just right beside ACJC. Man, how I wish those malls were open 2 years ago… School life would have been a lot better with so many food options!

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Been watching a lot of cartoon movies lately. I love animated films. Hotel Transylvania, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck it Ralph ALL made my day!!! Hahaha I think everyone hates watching movies with me because I can’t stop asking questions and commenting and laughing hysterically.

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The Melbourne girls met up for Charmaine’s 21st birthday. Abby, Sha & I all got her gifts from Sephora and we were all having a panic attack “pls don’t tell me you bought the same gift as I did!!!” hahaha but thankfully what we feared didn’t happen. We ate at Orchard Central’s Korean restaurant at LVL 7 called Sarang or something and GEEZ I seriously thought it was overpriced because the food portions were SO SMALL!?! Ash was still a hungry beast as usual so we went to Dean & Deluca for dinner round II. He is a monster I swear. HE EATS SO MUCH.

cy s

Shi Yu’s flight was delayed so when she arrived, we pretended that it was still 2012 and celebrated NYE. Shyan’s roof top is SO NICE, it’s waaay nicer than my roof top. Hahaha. While we were chatting away my mom texted me to say she could hear us talking lololol how awkward.



I can hardly believe that 2012 is coming to an end! I am definitely adapting back to this insanely hot and humid weather. No longer drowning in sweat the minute I am done showering but still constantly feeling really warm even in shopping malls. I am also glad to say that I no longer need my daily dose of coffee – it’s strange how different my habits are in Melbourne & in Singapore.


My break in comfortable Singapore has slowly but surely rendered me useless once more. I just made some supper for myself because I didn’t want to wake my maid up but it wasn’t too successful. I was previously having difficulty peeling a boiled egg which I seriously thought it was boiled. The whites were solid but the yolk was runny, sigh. The pork sausages that I just ate seem to be uncooked… I can’t even tell. I will get my answer if I have a tummy ache tomorrow. Damn, I can hardly believe that I once had the ability to prepare a feast for a party of 10!? My Sg kitchen confuses me – I miss my kitchen in Melbourne where I know where everything is…


Went to Esplanade to support Mich’s saxophone performance a few days ago. I am not a music person but I know she is an excellent saxophonist. She has endless concerts lined up and I’m very impressed. How does she even find the time when she’s hardly in Singapore?! Whenever I’m feeling sad in Melbourne, she never fails to accompany me to have some Max Brenners despite how cold/busy she is. So thankful to have her in both Melbourne & Singapore :’)

dec4 dec6 dec5

My Christmas Eve was spent having a way-too-noisy dinner with the girls, Ashley and Jin Hui & a mini wine/beer party at my roof top after. A chill night, just like how I wanted it to be… AND YAY MY BEST FRIEND SERENE ZHUANG IS BACK IN SINGAPORE!!! 😀


I spent the first few hours of Christmas baking cakes for my mother. Her birthday is on Christmas Day and hence Christmas was spent with the family from day to night feasting over Chinese food. We had dim sum brunch at Good Wood Park Hotel’s Min Jiang and chinese dinner at Hotel Royal’s Jade Room Restaurant. Headed to Melody’s house after midnight.


Boxing Day was spent relaxing over dinner, shisha & drinks. Beer for the boys, cocktail for me.

dec11 ae9b3a0e4f7b11e2ae7122000a9f0a14_7

Today I finally had some cafe food. It seems like ages since I last had any. Ashley is one tough boy to impress especially when it comes to cafe food because I’ve brought him to too many awesome cafes in Melbourne. The weirdest thing is Ashley is a local and he’d never been to the cafes before?! Sigh I love food so much that 1. I know the food better than a local does 2. My arms are also fatter than my partner’s. LOL. Anyway, tanks to Brad aka Ladyironchef, Ashley was finally pleased. We visited Po Tea To for lunch and Flock Cafe for cakes. The roasted chicken was superb; juicy and tender. My salmon wasn’t as good but still decent. The chocolate cake and carrot cake were impressively moist and delicious. I will be back for more one day.


By the way we watched Cz12 today. It’s Jackie Chan’s last movie. He is truly a legendary star.

Malaysia via instagram


Thought I’d just update this space since it’s pouring outside and I’m just lazing around at home. I flew back to Singapore from Malaysia the night before yesterday alone and haven’t been doing much. I really don’t wanna take any pictures either ever since I had a hideous hair cut – I simply clip up my entire fringe everyday now and as a result I look like some underage kiddo SIGH. But anyway since I paid an impromptu visit to Butter last night (was only gonna go for supper) might as well take one picture. It was a joke because Hanwei was wearing her secondary school uniform and I was wearing denim shorts. I haven’t been to Butter the whole year.. Unbelievable. I finally had my favourite kamakaze and peanut jelly shots 🙂 My alcohol tolerance decreased drastically ever since I stopped partying as much. Only had 7 shots & 2 flamings yesterday & I felt a lil tipsy already. Here are instagram pictures taken during my trip in Kuala Lumpur, M’sia:




We ordered room service everyday for 4 days because we always got hungry at unearthly hours. To be honest it’s the best room service ever hahaha I mean the food ain’t fantastic but it’s decent. We stayed at Shangri La hotel which was 2 monorail stations away from the main shopping malls like Pavilion and Sungei Wang Plaza. The traffic in KL… CRAZILY JAMMED. They should really do something about their traffic and maybe do something as drastic as Singapore did – implement a mandatory SGD$90,000 COE to ease the absurd congestion lol.






On a side note, I really had a problem with their air pollution, felt like I could hardly breathe or maybe it’s just my ultra sensitive nose. Their local food are all so spicy but so damn yummy! Had awesome durians and bak ku teh there as well, never knew it was a must to do in Malaysia.





The top level of Pavilion has endless of Japanese stores. We visited this cafe called KOMUGI. The pandan cakes were only okay, Benganwan Solo’s pandan cakes are 10x better but the bear cake was.. Wow. I never thought something so cute could taste as good. Look at how cute the coffee art is.. 3 characters in one! It took me ages to make just a kitty during my coffee class.





How do you look at someone you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?

New York City via instagram

Maybe I should have a travel diary so that I can actually write down my thoughts. It’s kind of hard to remember where I exactly went and what actually happened especially when it’s been almost a month since I left USA. I’m currently in Malaysia right now so you can imagine how confused I am. I can certainly understand why everyone loves New York. It is crazily BIG. Never in my life have I ever seen so many skyscrapers packed together. I think it will take me forever to become familiar with this city, which would eventually leave me bankrupt and obese.


I love Pink Berry so much!!! I could hardly believe my ears when the cashier told me I could have as much toppings as I want. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same for Dubai’s Pink Berry 😦


Highlight of the trip would be when we bought a few kilograms worth of Victoria’s Secret hehe!


Some mouthwatering food porn of our lunch at 3 star Michelin French restaurant Jean Georges.


Personalized m&ms for Ashley who thinks that s2 is a heart shape and uses =] instead of : ) lol.


On a side note, I FINALLY watched Perks of being a wallflower today at the cinemas!!! 🙂



I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this trip because 1. Everyone tells me how there’s really nothing to do in Batam 2. I bought my tour package from Groupon but the trip surpassed my expectations. We paid so little and I had a coach to drive us around, a tour guide to bring us to various places of interest, 8 course sea food lunch, an hour body massage, a one night stay at 4 star boutique hotel as well as complimentary international breakfast buffet. The food was decent, not impressive. But the body massage was so relaxing I fell asleep and the hotel was so spacious and comfortable. Definitely worth my every cent. Everyone on Singapore online deals would have come across deals which offer you day tours to Batam & providing you accommodation at Harmoni One hotel (pic below taken from the website). To tell you the truth, it looks exactly like it is & if you’ve nothing better to do, do pay a visit for relaxation 🙂

IMG_1378 IMG_1356

The tour brought us to various places – mainly shopping places, outdoor activities e.g. go karting / flying fox as well as Kueh Lapis (Indonesian multi layered cake) factory where you can place your orders and they deliver freshly baked ones to you on the same night SGD$25 each.

 IMG_0757 IMG_1372

The inequality gap between the rich and the poor is really extreme. We were invited to watch this Cultural Dance where the locals just start eating glass / fire and even jumping through fire rings (like the one you see in Madagascar 3). Along the streets you see squatter settlements everywhere and sometimes you see some really pretty houses. The most extreme case would be the hotel which we stayed in – it’s like a majestic palace whereas most buildings in Batam are just so rundown. We were recommended to tip $1 or $2 to our tour guide & driver but Ashley & I decided to tip $10 because we felt that they deserve so much more for their excellent service.

IMG_1348 IMG_1374 IMG_1340

Just wanted to share a cheap getaway with everyone. On a side note, A&W in Batam was so horrible… I don’t remember it being that bad when we had that years ago in Singapore 😦

batam2 batam1

Where the river always flow


Singapore has been really lovely 🙂 Food here makes me so happy! But the weather’s sooo shit.


Hokkien style fried pig and Singapore’s renowned chilli crab with fried man tous


Saturday night at Zouk and Mink. Finally tried the chocolate liqueur shots it was so.. Potent.


Love snapping pictures of pretty looking food like the mushroom soup & chocolate lava cake above~


Ladies night at Zouk but we just chilled at wine bar and drank away. I love dreamer the cocktail!


Dim sum = my ideal meal. Especially liu sha bao aka golden sand buns!!!


Watched Hotel Transylvania~ Don’t you think Dawn looks like the girl in the movie?!


There was a long queue for this prawn noodles stall at past eleven at night.. We queued >15 mins 😮


We took ages to complete Gardens by the bay because Ashley sat down at EVERY bench.


Singapore is filled with many substandard cafe food but Choupinette’s eggs benedict is yummy. Other cafes worth visiting are Spruce & Rider’s. But I do not understand why a miserable plate of over fried bacon costs $6..

Going to Indonesia tomorrow. I’ve never been to Indo before can you believe it?!? Hahaha bye.

Washington D.C. (via instagram)

Lazy to edit the lighting and such of pictures taken in Washington so I shall make do with instagram pics for now. I love instagram so much, it has the ability to make everything look good effortlessly. We took a plane from Boston to Washington. Check out the aerial views:



The pictures above, as well as most US pictures are actually taken by Zhen… It’s her i-phone.




I am actually a blackberry user but whenever I’m with the boyfriend in whichever countries or in this case, Zhen in the states I’d be using their iphone to instagram on Well the account belongs to Ashley but 95% of the pictures are uploaded by me.




Had one of the best meals at Founding Farmers Restaurant. It was so good that I have to say that it’s my favourite meal out of ALL meals we had in this vacation. This restaurant serves healthy & yummy food; everything is made from scratch. You don’t get such combination nowadays. It is no wonder that Michelle Obama listed this place as her top choice in the D.C.



I have been having too much unhealthy food that are either too oily or too sweet, sigh. I really should embark on a healthy lifestyle but it is almost impossible when I’m on a perpetual holiday. I really shouldn’t be complaining because I do love my life. I’ve been MIA in the kitchen for like… Forever. Time to touch up on my non-existent culinary skills and prepare some healthy dishes. I bought a pair of comfy but ugly sports shoes today! Hopefully I’ll hit the gym soon.




Above are photos of the US Capitol Building, the Washington Monument & the White House. Was really sick during my stay at Washington so I didn’t get to eat the original George Town Washington Cupcakes 😦 I tried their franchise in New York which was so BAD. I’m sneezing away while typing this. Really need to improve my immune system because I’d be traveling quite a bit again. Will be in 3 Asian countries (excluding Singapore) before going back to Australia.

Boston, where no one knows my name

Boston is very beautiful. The freedom trail we walked reminds me of Paris. But no cities are the same, each is unique on its own so I really shouldn’t be comparing. I’m so lame, I’m actually listening to Boston by Augustana while blogging. Hahaha. I’m kinda ill again, I don’t know why. Lack of sleep? Inability to adapt to this hot & humid weather? Perhaps my body is as confused as my soul. Even my make up products are rebelling against me! They aren’t in their best state; not as solidified as they should be. Look, even the convenient stores on the streets are so pretty:



P.s. I’m currently hiding in my room because it’s so warm that I seriously perspire the instant I finish showering 😦 I went to the living room for dinner and my Dad looked at me, evidently shocked. “You didn’t go out today?!” He must be wondering what happened to his daughter, who used to only have a meal at home once a year, even when she was still studying in Singapore.



We chanced upon this cafe called Sweet and they won us over instantly with their cute interiors and irresistibly delicious looking cupcakes. Had the traditional red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcakes and something interesting – french toast flavoured cupcake! I swear it tasted almost exactly like toasted brioches drenched in maple syrup. Super sweet and sinful, yum.



We climbed the Bunker Hill Monument which was only 294 steps to get to the top and another 294 steps to get to the bottom, sounds easy compared to climbing 528 steps to the top of St Paul’s dome in London. Which of course, requires another 528 steps down to the Cathedral floor. I’m glad I have climbed both 🙂 But I have to admit, I was really tired climbing #unfit.


It was a sunny afternoon but I was FREEZING to death. Didn’t help that I was down with a flu. The thick turtle neck knitwear I was wearing was made by Ashley’s mom. She’s so good at knitting, she can finish knitting a scarf in like a day while people take weeks or even months.


I thought it was kinda ridiculous to pay USD$16 for a small lobster pie costs when it’s take out & not even fine dining… But it was so freaking good that it’s worth every penny. Boston has so much seafood to offer that we were spoiled with too many choices. We were so happy that we had the best clam chowder ever but were so upset by the most disgusting lobster bisque ever lol.


Parish Cafe serves sandwiches created by famous local Boston chefs aka each chef has their creation on the menu of this restaurant. Cool feature but the cafe certainly looked like a pub..