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I really have to tour around Australia before I graduate next year… Time to save money!!!


I miss Melbourne

It’s hardly been a week but I miss Melbourne a lot already. Honestly didn’t realise how much memories I’ve created in Melbourne in these 1.5 years. It’s pretty incredible how time flies. Anyway, it’s really cold in Boston & I think I’m falling sick due to the drastic change of weather.

Bye Melbourne

My last day in Melbourne was packed with errands. I walked 3km for my teeth whitening appointment, went to the bank to settle some money stuff, replaced my student card at uni, went to Medi Bank to enquire about insurance, paid the bills, vacuumed the house, packed, threw out my rotten chicken, did laundry, bought a new hand carry bag to pack more stuff. Without flakes chocolates and Ashley I wouldn’t have done everything so quickly. I’m leaving Melbourne for 3 months… Gotta admit that I’m going to miss this lovely place soooo much.

See you in 18 days. I love you to the moon and back. Please drink lots of water & I’ll drink milk 🙂

Sandringham Beach

Really shouldn’t have worn a toga top because I think I have an uneven tan line now…

Thought that it would be cold in the morning so everyone left their sunscreen lotion at home. Needless to say, we were all burnt. My thighs and arms especially – as red as a lobster 😦

In the sun

I’m currently free from university and external projects. Basically the only urgent thing on my to-do list is: Plan my trip to Boston & Washington D.C. I’m currently in Melbourne but I will be leaving next week & then I’d be in Singapore, Dubai, New Haven, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Malaysia & Thailand (and probably Indonesia?) Can’t wait! I’m really excited about my upcoming trips but at the same time, I have to admit that being a jet setter makes it difficult to maintain relationships. I am really lucky though because despite being in a different timezone, I have several wonderful friends that I still talk to on an almost daily basis 🙂

Calamaris from The Coffee Club, located along Chapel Street above & Japanese Garden below:Today we went to the Melbourne Zoo. There weren’t many animals & many shops were closed 😦 Well it’s okay I still had fun! Ashley must be relieved that we finally visited the zoo, because I have been wanting to go there since ages ago hahaha breakfast that I made for him yesterday:

Went to Captains of Industry & Emily’s Place with the Media Girls 🙂 Btw I’m not into politics but since I took a pic with the poster.. Congratulations to Obama for winning the second term!
I seriously have nothing better to do but arranging my food & making them look pretty hahaha.Simon’s Peiking Duck serves the BEST Peking Duck ever. I love Peking Duck wraps so much! We played volley ball with Ashley’s cousin and sister hahaha they are all super cute, aren’t they!? Eggs benedict with smoked salmon from Crown Cafe Bakery. The cafe looked new outside but it’s old inside. Do not judge a cafe by its exterior and vice versa. Attended Mich’s recital & I wanted to snap a photo of her playing the saxophone but the atmosphere was so intense I didn’t even dare to talk. Anyway happy for her, we are all liberated from school, for now that is haha.
Jeff’s “farewell” brunch at The Boat Builders Yard. Everyone wore pink & yes it was planned. Part of my seven course Thai dinner with Amanda at Lemon Bistro. Nom nom nom. They said time will heal everything. Perhaps in time I’d stop feeling nostalgia and displacement within.


This is odd but I started liking you the day you overturned an entire box of popcorn onto me.

Ashley made reservations at Guillaume Restaurant for our 4th monthsary 🙂 It’s the first time he ever did anything for our monthsaries so it was quite a big deal because even remembering the date is an issue for him. I think he probably felt bad for somewhat “neglecting” me. Guillaume has been awarded a highly commended chef’s hat in the 2012 Australian Good Food Guide. He knows I LOVE food, especially fishes, prawns, salads and desserts. So dinner began~

Onion Soup AUD$16

Smoked salmon with dill cream & toasted brioche AUD$25

Caesar Salad AUD$22

Roasted chicken with Paris mash AUD$38

Whole baby snapper with sauce vierge AUD$36

Ris au lait with poached rhubarb and strawberry sorbet AUD$18

Unfortunately I can’t write much because I just did a proper published review on Guillaume on an online publication & duplication of contents is strictly forbidden. All in all, a great dinner 🙂

This year we didn’t dress up for Halloween

Played Taboo, Monopoly Deal & Saboteur at Bryan’s place on Friday night. We were supposed to dress up but we were all really busy before that so we decided to scrap the dress code. On Saturday night the “celebration” continued and we went partying at Love Machine. Epic night.

Lucky Ash with my pretty friends lol everyone wearing heels but still > a head shorter than him.

Happy Halloween everyone 🙂 Hope your weekend was well spent and way better than mine!