Thailand via instagram


I’m finally back in Singapore (after spending 10 days in Thailand), with a massive pimple on my nose, a bad tan, an intoxicated liver, a queasy stomach and countless of mosquito bites. It’s by far the craziest vacation I ever had… I guess that’s what happen when ten teens go on a holiday together. It’s barely even 2 weeks into the new year and I’ve already visited 7 different clubs – what a way to start 2013. To tell you the truth, things haven’t been exactly going well for me but I’m alright. I’m planning to stay in for the entire week to detox and hopefully do some self reflection. Anyway, here are some instagram pics taken in Thailand.. Ain’t Thailand pretty?!












2 thoughts on “Thailand via instagram

  1. I love reading your travel posts! 😀 How do you save money to travel so often?

    You should definitely go to San Francisco and Las vegas one day! They’re awesome places!

    • Hi Regina

      I would love to go to San Francisco and Las Vegas one day! But everyone said I should only visit these places after turning 21 haha. I’m a full time university student with no income so my very generous parents pay for all my travels. I’ve already changed my blog link to, see you on the other site 🙂

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