I can hardly believe that 2012 is coming to an end! I am definitely adapting back to this insanely hot and humid weather. No longer drowning in sweat the minute I am done showering but still constantly feeling really warm even in shopping malls. I am also glad to say that I no longer need my daily dose of coffee – it’s strange how different my habits are in Melbourne & in Singapore.


My break in comfortable Singapore has slowly but surely rendered me useless once more. I just made some supper for myself because I didn’t want to wake my maid up but it wasn’t too successful. I was previously having difficulty peeling a boiled egg which I seriously thought it was boiled. The whites were solid but the yolk was runny, sigh. The pork sausages that I just ate seem to be uncooked… I can’t even tell. I will get my answer if I have a tummy ache tomorrow. Damn, I can hardly believe that I once had the ability to prepare a feast for a party of 10!? My Sg kitchen confuses me – I miss my kitchen in Melbourne where I know where everything is…


Went to Esplanade to support Mich’s saxophone performance a few days ago. I am not a music person but I know she is an excellent saxophonist. She has endless concerts lined up and I’m very impressed. How does she even find the time when she’s hardly in Singapore?! Whenever I’m feeling sad in Melbourne, she never fails to accompany me to have some Max Brenners despite how cold/busy she is. So thankful to have her in both Melbourne & Singapore :’)

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My Christmas Eve was spent having a way-too-noisy dinner with the girls, Ashley and Jin Hui & a mini wine/beer party at my roof top after. A chill night, just like how I wanted it to be… AND YAY MY BEST FRIEND SERENE ZHUANG IS BACK IN SINGAPORE!!! 😀


I spent the first few hours of Christmas baking cakes for my mother. Her birthday is on Christmas Day and hence Christmas was spent with the family from day to night feasting over Chinese food. We had dim sum brunch at Good Wood Park Hotel’s Min Jiang and chinese dinner at Hotel Royal’s Jade Room Restaurant. Headed to Melody’s house after midnight.


Boxing Day was spent relaxing over dinner, shisha & drinks. Beer for the boys, cocktail for me.

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Today I finally had some cafe food. It seems like ages since I last had any. Ashley is one tough boy to impress especially when it comes to cafe food because I’ve brought him to too many awesome cafes in Melbourne. The weirdest thing is Ashley is a local and he’d never been to the cafes before?! Sigh I love food so much that 1. I know the food better than a local does 2. My arms are also fatter than my partner’s. LOL. Anyway, tanks to Brad aka Ladyironchef, Ashley was finally pleased. We visited Po Tea To for lunch and Flock Cafe for cakes. The roasted chicken was superb; juicy and tender. My salmon wasn’t as good but still decent. The chocolate cake and carrot cake were impressively moist and delicious. I will be back for more one day.


By the way we watched Cz12 today. It’s Jackie Chan’s last movie. He is truly a legendary star.


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